Retrofittig an EEPROM onto the Skunkboard to allow game saving

The standard Atari Jaguar cartridge contains EEPROM 93C46 for storing positions in games, but Skunkboard does not have this option. I do not know why Tursi and KSkunk did not add this on, but I do not think they wanted the Skunkboard to become a pirate device, in part maybe hiding a little back from Atari. It’s true that Tursi is a developer device, while most people on the Skunkboard are wearing classic cartridges. Well, then the storage of positions is sometimes missing. So, when I did a few more pieces, I looked at it and broke it.

Technically, this is not complicated. Just take the EEPROM 93C46 or 93C86 and plug it into the right connector pins.

CS (pin 1 EEPROM) need to connect to GPI01 (B43)
SK (pin 2 EEPROM) need to connect to GPI00 (B42)
DI (pin 3 EEPROM) need to be connected to ED0 (A23)
DO (pin 4 EEPROM) need to be connected to E2DATA (B40)
GND (pin 5 EEPROM) needs to be connected to console GND (B1, B2, B8, B10, B12, B24, B29, B32, B51, B53, B54)
ORG (pin 6 EEPROM) should be connected to VCC (+5) (B36, B37) or directly to (pin 8  EEPROM)
DC (pin 7 EEPROM) remain unconnected
VCC (pin 8 EEPROM) needs to be conncted to VCC (+5) (B36, B37)

And it worked Winking cheerful face . The hardest was to get Rayman into a position where he would allow me to store another and not just a basic position Winking cheerful face . I have a lot of balls on the game.

So, who has a Skunkboard and want to be able to save a position in the game, let’s get it done. 93C46 in the SO-8 housing has one great advantage. When you bend up pin3, pins 1, 2, and 4 almost exactly sit on contacts B40, B42 and B43. The EEPROM was sure to be tapped by a piece of kapton tape. Be careful not to let your tin go too far after contact. Then, just two wires are enough to feed the power and one longer than the other side of the board to the ED0 signal. If you look at the pictures in the article header, clicks can be enlarged. Connectivity is a lot, you will definitely make it even better.

By the way, when you play Skunkboard, you can upgrade your firmware. Tursi has recently released a new version 3.0.2 that corrects the workload of 6 MB cartridges.